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Gamblin Galkyd Mediums

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Gamblin Galkyd Medium thins oil colours and increases transparency and gloss. It is a fast-drying painting medium - thin layers will be touch dry in around 24 hours.
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Gamblin Galkyd is a thicker fluid medium which increases the flow of oil colours out of the tube and speeds the drying time. It can increase transparency and gloss. Gamblin Galkyd has a high viscosity and when used in greater proportions to oil colour creates an enamel like quality with minimal visible brush strokes. Gamblin Galkyd can be thinned with Gamsol to create thin (low viscosity) glaze layers (a glaze layer should contain at least 10% oil colour). Gambin Galkyd mixed with Gamsol at 1:1 ratio also makes a great medium for oiling out a painting to unify the surface quality and saturate the colours between layers. Gamblin Galkyd has a fast drying time of approximately 24 hours, depending on weather conditions and humidity levels.
More Information
Use With Oil
Application Oil Painting
Medium Type Fluid Medium
Product Type Bottle
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