Global Isopropyl Alcohol

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Global Isopropyl Alcohol is a colourless solvent that can be used in combination with inks and water-based paints to create interesting patterns and effects. Suitable for removing grease from non-porous

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Global Isopropyl Alcohol is a colourless solvent containing 100% alcohol which can be used as a medium in conjunction with alcohol and acrylic Inks, acrylic or watercolour paints to create special effects and patterns. Global Isopropyl Alcohol is excellent for removing grease, grime, dust and finger prints on non-porous surfaces including, metal, glass and plastic, evaporates very quickly and not leaving any residue behind.

If using with alcohol Inks and Yupo paper, the Global Isopropyl Alcohol will help spread or dilute the ink to create interesting patterns and textures by blending and moving the ink around surface.

For Pour Art, mix Global Isopropyl Alcohol with acrylic paints and pouring mediums. The alcohol will quickly rise to the surface level to evaporate, pulling and pushing the paint in different directions. causing some unique and unexpected pattern combinations to occur with the paint. Global Isopropyl Alcohol can be added directly to the mixture or as a droplet onto the surface after pouring the paint for more targeted reactions.

Combining Global Isopropyl Alcohol with a high percentage of alcohol (over 70%) with acrylic paints for pour art, will reduce the likelihood crazing when drying. Also minimizing cracks and help to bubbles in your artwork. Do not apply any heat to your artwork when using Global Isopropyl Alcohol due to its flammability. While pour art is very much an experimental art and results can vary each time, it is recommended to complete a swatch test first to gauge their reaction when combined.

To create some unique artwork using Global Isopropyl Alcohol, try applying a layer of pouring medium only to your surface. Once the pouring medium has spread across the surface, place droplets of acrylic Ink on top of the medium. Next apply a drop of Global Isopropyl Alcohol on top of the ink droplet. The alcohol will mix with the ink and pouring medium creating a tree root like effect. Try combining different colour’s of ink droplets to create a multi coloured effect.

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