Create a Galah Clay Collage Tile with this Peter Cromer Inspired FIMO Tutorial!

21 March 2022

Level: Intermediate

Spend some time getting creative with this colourful and inspiring project using wonderful STAEDTLER FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clays! Not only is this Van Gogh Inspired Kidney Palette Brush Holder gorgeous to look at, it’s also a useful tool to have in your studio, keeping your brushes displayed nicely.

What you will need:

How to do it:

  1. Roll out some FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clay to approximately 5mm thick.
  2. Place the galah template over your rolled clay and cut the shapes out using a craft knife. You’ll want one piece of clay to be the full outline of the galah, then a pieces for each smaller shape within the template!

    Galah Step 1 Galah Step 2 Galah Step 3

  3. Adhere the cut-out pieces to your clay Galah base by applying a small amount of water to the back of each piece before positioning it. Use the images in this tutorial as a reference for placement!
    Tip: to smooth out your clay pieces, put a small bit of water on your fingertips and use that to smooth any edges.
  4. Set aside to dry for 24-48 hours.
    Note: the drying time of FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clay can vary based on air temperature and humidity.
  5. Once the clay is dry, apply a coat of gesso to your piece and allow gesso to dry.
  6. Using your brushes and acrylic paint, decorate your Galah with layers of colour! You can use the colours in this tutorial as a guide or put your own spin on it!

    Galah Step 4 Galah Step 5 Galah Step 6

This project is the perfect way to get creative with the wonderful STAEDTLER FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clays, adding a splash of colour with acrylic paints! Experiment with creating other animals in a similar style to this or change up the colours you use to make black cockatoos or a classic sulphur-crested cockatoo. There are endless ways to get creative with STAEDTLER FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clays, and they don’t require any extra equipment like kilns or ovens for you to get sculpting!

Use the techniques and skills learned within this tutorial to make more tile collages, building a beautiful body of artworks that can be displayed around your home, or gifted to friends and loved ones. Once you get started, you won’t be able to stop making them!

We’d love to see your colourful Galah artworks and collage tile pieces! Tag your posts on social media with #CreateWithEckersleys so we can take a look.

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