Matisse White Gessos

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Matisse White Gesso is a full-bodied, bright white primer that has an excellent tooth for paint adhesion. Perfect for both oils and acrylics.

Matisse Artists White Gesso is a full-bodied, permanent, flexible white primer that is an excellent choice for preparing your surface for use. It is suitable for use on canvas, paper, board, or wood.

This Artists White Gesso provides an excellent tooth for excellent paint manipulation and colour adhesion and stability. Matisse Gesso has excellent tooth and is perfect for painting with both acrylics and oils. The white gesso gives a nice neutral background as a starting point for your paintings or drawings.

As it is a water-based product, the Artists White Gesso can be used straight from the pot or thinned down with water if desired. When working with raw canvas or linen, it’s recommended to use dilute the gesso with water at a 1:1 ratio before applying. Apply with a coarse bristled brush for a rough, textured tooth, or for a smoother finish apply the gesso with a soft-bristled flat brush and sand lightly between coats.

If you are stretching your own canvas, make sure you stretch the canvas before applying Matisse Artists White Gesso, as it will shrink and tighten the canvas as it dries and makes a firmer ground for painting.

More Information
Colour White
Use With Acrylic, Oil
Application Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting
Medium Type Surface Preparation
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