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Montana Cap Nozzles offer a variety of spray widths and shapes for urban art and craft projects. Compatible with most brands of spray cans with female valves.

Montana Cap Nozzles are an essential part spray paint artworks and are perfect for urban art and DIY art and craft projects. Cap nozzles enhance precision, control, and handling of your spray paint.

Montana Cap Nozzles come in a variety of shapes and widths, offering flexibility for your art. Spray width from the nozzles will vary depending on how close it is the painting surface, skinnier lines are sprayed from close up, while fatter lines are achieved by spraying from further away.

Montana Cap Nozzles are compatible with most brands of spray cans with female valves.

Montana Cap Nozzle Sizes:

Ultra Skinny (Level 1) - for extra fine spray widths from 0.4-15mm. Ideally suited to detailed work or small-scale projects.

Fine Skinny (Level 2) - for fine average spray widths from 0.4-25mm. Ideally suited to creating outlines and for filling in or fading over moderate surface areas.

Soft Skinny (Level 3) - for medium average spray widths from 10-40mm. Applying paint close to the surface with this cap may result in drips. Ideal for small to middle sized lines and fading paint to achieve soft colour gradients over small to moderate surface areas.

Soft Fat (Level 4) - for average spray widths from 30-100mm. Ideal for achieving soft, smooth and paint applications, paint fading and colour gradients over moderate to large surface areas.

Wide Fat (Level 5) – for average spray widths from 40-150mm. Ideal for smooth, fat paint application, filling in paint over large surface areas, or clean line work on large-scale art works.

Ultra Fat (Level 6) – for spray lines from 50-250mm. These achieve a large spray output in a fast timeframe.

New York Fat Cap - a wide outline cap with an average spray width from 40-60mm. Ideal for fast work and delivering clean crisp lines. Great for outlining.

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