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Blackwing Pencils

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Blackwing Graphite Pencils offer an unrivalled smooth writing and drawing experience. Known for their dark lead and ability to be sharpened to an acute point.
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Blackwing Pencils have an extra long hexagonal barrel made out of California incense cedar and special formulated leads from Japan. They represent undeniable quality, offering an exceptional balance of smooth performance, dark intense lead laydown and sharpness. Consistent and reliable performance despite the softer leads they will still sharpen to a fine point.

  • The "Black" Blackwing is a unique soft, dark lead that feels similar to a 4B lead, but they can also make light marks - ideal for artists.
  • The "Pearl" Blackwing is still soft and dark but more comparable with a 3B lead and ideal for people who want a smooth pencil that stays sharp longer. Ideal for those who want the flexibility to write and draw with it.
  • The "Natural" Blackwing is part of the everyday range of Palamino Pencils and features an exposed incense-cedar barrel with a subtle clear matte finish, gold ferrule and grey eraser. Contains an extra firm smooth graphite core.
  • The "602" Blackwing is suited to writing but is much smoother than a typical writing pencil and similar to a 2B lead.
  • Volume 33 1/3 is a limited edition pencil and is a tribute to vinyl records - it features a matte black finish and Matt black ferrule to go with its black imprint and black eraser. The gloss black foil banding near the grip was inspired by the grooves on a record.
  • Volume 4 Blackwing is another limited edition release and is a tribute to Mars and the upcoming Rover mission. It features a rust coloured lacquer on the pencil barrel with a sand testured finish inspired by the surface of the fourth planet. It also features the first ever dune bronze ferrule, a cream imprint and eraser. This pencil has a soft graphite core.
  • Volume 811 Blackwing is a limited edition pencil is a tribute to the iconic green lamps that light the halls of of libraries around the world. In a speech delivered at the New York Public Library in 2010, the late Dr. Maya Angelou poetically described the humble library as a “rainbow in the clouds” so that “in the worst of times, in the meanest of times, in the dreariest of times… at all times the viewer can see a possibility of hope.” Libraries are more than just archives, they’re representations of our collective human experience. They’re reminders of where we’ve been, inspiration for where we want to go, and collections of all the beauty, pain, and wisdom that fills the gaps. The model number 811 is a reference to the section of the Dewey Decimal System that contains some of Dr. Angelou’s most famous works, along with the works of countless other inspirational writers. Featuring an emerald gradient finish with a phosphorescent topcoat - so it can be a literal a light in the dark! Further characteristics are a gold ferrule and pink eraser. Pencil grade is similar the the Blackwing 602.
  • The Blackwing 42 Pencil is a limited edition pencil. It features our balanced graphite (similar to a HB lead) , a white barrel, blue imprint, eraser, road gray ferrule, and iconic red 42. The Blackwing 42 Pencil is a tribute to Jackie Robinson, not only honors Jackie’s achievements but it celebrates those who pursue their passions, creative or otherwise, regardless of the obstacles in their way.On July 6, 1944, eleven years before Rosa Parks famously refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama and ignited the Civil Rights Movement, another individual refused to move to the back of a bus. He was 2nd Lieutenant Jack Roosevelt Robinson, and his refusal earned him a court martial for “behaving with disrespect” and “willful disobedience of lawful command.” Lieutenant Robinson stood his ground at trial, and he was acquitted of all charges. After being honorably discharged, he signed a contract with the Kansas City Monarchs baseball club to pursue his passion for athletics. A few short years later, Jack “Jackie” Robinson was called up to the Major Leagues by the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking the color barrier and providing much needed momentum to the desegregation movement that extended well beyond baseball.
  • The Blackwing Vol 10 Pencil is a limited edition pencil. It features a matt grey barrel, black imprint, black eraser and silver ferrule. The graphite lead is similar to a H grade pencil. The Blackwing 10 Pencil is a tribute to Nellie Bly - and investigative journalists like her - who keep citizens informed, and give them a voice. In 1887, Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World tasked Nellie Bly, a yet unknown journalist, with investigating the insane asylum on New York’s Blackwell’s Island. The resulting series, which she titled “Ten Days in a Madhouse,” is one of the earliest and most iconic examples of unbiased investigative journalism. It uncovered the brutal conditions in which patients were forced to live, and shined a spotlight on the misconceptions surrounding mental illness.
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