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The Pilot Parallel pens feature two parallel plates on the nib point to create beautiful, sharp lines for lettering and calligraphy.

The Pilot Parallel pens feature two parallel plates on the nib point to create beautiful, sharper lines than existing calligraphy pens can. It can produce attractive, graduated colours by transferring ink from one pen nib to another.

Create beautiful lettering, drawings, illustrations, name cards, menus, giftcards....you will always be able to express yourself creatively. Style, beauty and originality are at your finger tips with the Pilot Parallel Pen. The Pilot Parallel pen refill inks sold separately.

The pen comes with a black and red ink cartridges, one pen pipette, one nib cleaner and an instructions pamphlet.

To insert an ink cartridge, unscrew the barrel and detach from the pen unit. insert cartridge firmly whilst holding the pen unit with the nib pointing upwards. Be sure to push cartridge in without twisting or turning otherwise the valve may not open. After inserting the new cartridge, squeeze it gently before use to allow the flow of ink to the nib. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or the ink may splash out. Do not re-use cartridges once they have been removed from the pen even if only half empty as this can cause problems.

Practise Lettering Tips: Apply even writing pressure to both the right and left side of the nib point, To improve your calligraphy technique, practise your lettering with a pencil so you can note each letters difference balance of line width and size. The pen nib may become blocked with paper fibres and this may cause the pen to stop writing. Should this happen, insert the nib cleaner (provided) between the parallel plates and remove the fibres by sliding the nib cleaner up and down until clear. 

More Information
Application Drawing, Calligraphy
Nib Type Calligraphy
Ink Dye Based
Product Type Pen
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