Creative Seashell Moulds

Level: Easy

Time needed: 1 hour

What you need:

  • Gedeo Siligum - Silicone Moulding Paste
  • Gedeo hard plaster
  • Seashell

What you do:

  1. To create a paste for the mould, measure 1 part of blue resin to 1 part of white hardener.
  2. Roll the mixture together for 30 seconds until the resulting paste is a uniform light blue colour.
  3. Once the paste is ready, roll it into a ball and imprint it onto the seashell, leaving a 3 to 4 millimeter thick layer on the surface.
  4. Leave the Siligum paste to set for 5 minutes in order for it to become a mould.
  5. Add plaster into the mould. Each Siligum mould can create up to 50 casts.



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