GOLDEN Isolation Coat

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GOLDEN Isolation Coat is a clear, non-removable coating that seals absorbent areas of your artwork prior to applying a varnish.

GOLDEN Isolation Coat is a clear, non-removable coating to be applied after the paint and before a removable varnish. Its purpose is to seal any absorbent areas of your surface or artwork before applying a varnish, helping protect your artwork if the varnish is removed at a later date.

GOLDEN Isolation Coat is ready to use straight from the container and can be applied with a brush or as a spray. When applying with a brush, it’s recommended you choose a soft brush with good carrying capacity that will leave no brushstrokes on the surface. Apply 1-2 coats of isolation coat, or more if desired. For a spray application of GOLDEN Isolation Coat, mix with GOLDEN Acrylic Airbrush Medium until the required viscosity is achieved for spraying.

The dry time of GOLDEN Isolation Coat can vary between 10-30 minutes, however it is recommended to allow the Isolation Coat to dry for a full day before applying varnish.

Do not use GOLDEN Isolation Coat on oil paints, water-soluble media, or metallic leaf.

More Information
Use With Acrylic
Application Acrylic Painting
Size 237ml
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