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Bat & Ghost Decorations

5 March 2018

For some spooky Halloween fun, create these bat and ghost decorations, the perfect addition to your Halloween party!

Click here to download this project as a PDF.

  • Xyron 900 Home Creative Station
  • Xyron Disposable Sticker Maker
  • Elmers Glue All
  • Educraft A5 Foam Sheets (White & Black)
  • Educraft Joggle Eyes
  • Educraft Wooden Dowels
  • Scissors
  • Jasart Glitter (Optional)

How to do it

  1. Cut out a bat and ghost template – you can free-hand draw this or print one out.
  2. Using the template cut using the scissors, the ghost shape from the white foam sheet and the bat from the black foam sheet. You can make different sizes to suit.
  3. You will need two of each shape and size (one front & one back).
  4. Run the back of the ghost and bat shapes through your Xyron 900 Home Creative Station with the permanent adhesive cartridge inserted. This will apply adhesive to your foam shapes.
  5. Once the ghost and bat has come out of the machine, remove the top film and then the backing paper and place on a flat surface.
  6. Take a piece of thin dowel and place it in the middle of your sticky shape. Carefully align the unsticky matching shape and place the top. Pressing down firmly to adhere.
  7. You can either run the joggle eyes through your Xyron Disposable machine to apply adhesive or use the Elmers Glue All. Stick the eyes onto your ghost and bat.
  8. For adding sparkle, place the bat and ghost onto a A4 piece of paper, cover the bat and ghost in Elmers Glue All then sprinkle glitter on top., shake off any excess. The spare glitter can then be put back into the container to be reused or saved for another project.

Idea: Use as wands, place into pot plants, in vases, as a table decoration and other areas for quick decorations. Alternatively if you want to hang them attached string or twine instead of using the dowel. You can also create the ghosts and bats using cardboard instead of foam.