Watercolour Whale: How to Draw a Watercolour Whale

3 August 2020

Level: Easy

Duration: 30 mins

Learn to draw a majestic watercolour whale using STAEDTLER Double-Ended Watercolour Brush Pens.

How to do it


  1. Draw an outline of your whale.
  2. Select a mid-blue colour and draw over your outline and the belly if the whale using the thick end. Use the thin tip of some darker blues to add thinner lines and detail.
  3. Use your lighter blues to colour in more of the body.
  4. Add some more structure and detail using the thin tip of some darker blues.
  5. Using your watercolour brush and water, blend and connect the colours of your whale.
  6. Using a thin brush, pick up a little paint from the wet areas and give the whale additional expression lines outside of the body of the whale. Let your work dry.

Watercolour Whale Steps



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