50 Drawing Ideas To Get You Sketching

9 March 2022

Drawing ideas are all around us, but sometimes it's hard to find good ones. If you struggle with drawing ideas, take your inspiration from these 50 drawing ideas! We've created lists of suggestions by theme to get you started on your creative journey, regardless of your drawing level. But first, let’s take a quick look at why you should draw, the benefits it provides and where you can find great tools to draw with. 


Why Should You Draw?

Drawing provides so many wonderful benefits, including being a form of stress relief for children and adults. The act of drawing is usually associated with a form of therapy helping increase calmness within individuals, by allowing them to focus on the activity. Spontaneous drawing also helps individuals relax and concentrate better by relieving their brain of continuous concentration, as a result, allowing people to unwind from constant strain. In addition to this, drawing helps individuals develop their communication skills without the use of words. For instance, artists and those who sketch communicate through pictorial representation, which also provides the ability to understand emotion without focusing on the meaning of a specific piece of text or words on a page. Another benefit of drawing is that it helps with coordination, particularly hand-eye coordination and helps improve fine motor skills. How amazing is that!


Choosing Your Pencils for Your Drawing Ideas

If you’re ready to get some drawing ideas on paper, we’ve got you covered! We stock a variety of pencils for every need and want. From charcoal pencils to graphite pencils, from colouring pencils to beautiful watercolours for vibrancy on your pages. Check out our pencil range here. Now grab your pencils and paper and start drawing!


Drawing Idea: People


Source: https://www.freeimages.com/   

  • Draw a portrait of yourself
  • Draw a portrait of a loved one or someone you know
  • Focus on a particular body part - such as face, a close up of the eye or hands
  • Draw yourself doing your dream profession
  • Study and sketch people in real time such as in cafes, parks, and on public transport


Drawing Idea: Scenery 

Source: https://www.freeimages.com/  


  • Draw the city / town / place you live in
  • Go to your local park and draw your surroundings
  • Draw what you see outside of your window
  • Draw your favourite location in the world - could be your home or a memorable place
  • Draw where you would like to go on holiday next
  • Draw your favourite beach, walking trail or rainforest
  • Draw the snow and what you’d find there
  • Draw a waterfall
  • Draw the ocean, sky, or desert
  • Draw trees and flowers
  • Draw a farm and farm animals you would find
  • Draw mountains and hills
  • Go outside during the evening and draw the moon
  • Draw a cave


Drawing Idea: Scribbles & Doodles

Source: https://www.freeimages.com/  

  • Fill your page with circles
  • Fill your page with spirals
  • Fill your page with hearts or stars
  • Try zig-zag patterns, straight lines down the page, or lightning


Drawing Idea: Everyday Life


dog sketch

Source: https://www.freeimages.com/  


  • Draw your pet - dog, cat, fish, rabbit, or whatever it may be
  • Draw a pet you’d wish to have
  • Draw your bedroom or your favourite room in the house
  • Draw your favourite food
  • Draw your favourite past-time / sport / activity
  • Find a photo or picture you like and replicate the image by drawing it on paper
  • Go outside and draw the clouds
  • Find a flower or tree in the garden and draw it
  • Draw a fruit bowl
  • Draw a rainbow


Drawing Idea: Imagination

unicorn sketch

Source: https://www.freeimages.com/  


  • Draw a mythical creature such as a unicorn, dragon, mermaid, fairy or werewolf
  • Make up your own animal and draw it 
  • Draw your version of space, or what it would be like to live on another planet
  • Draw a robot or mechanical invention
  • Remember the last dream you had and draw a memorable part
  • Draw your favourite fairytale
  • Draw something abstract that comes to mind such as a flying elephant


Drawing Idea: Seasonal

christmas trees sketch

Source: https://www.freeimages.com/  


  • Draw Christmas trees (experiment with tinsel, baubles and other decorations)
  • A portrait of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
  • A snowman 
  • Draw candy canes
  • Draw Christmas stockings with names for you and your loved ones 
  • Draw the Easter bunny
  • Draw Easter eggs in a basket
  • Draw the Australian flag or a country of your choice, or design your own flag
  • Draw pumpkins for Halloween with carved out faces
  • Imagine a dinner table set up for your favourite time of year and draw what you would want to see there (food, candles, your family and friends)


These are just 50 drawing ideas to help inspire you and your creative juices and are perfect for beginners, or those needing some inspiration. Enjoy the art of drawing, with our drawing ideas and rake in those wonderful benefits it provides! 


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